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We are a farm management company for livestock farming in Malaysia. You can name, own and meet your own cattle on land you don’t own and we will take care of everything from shelter, raising, feeding, medical care, 24/7 security, and slaughtering and meat delivery in the comfort of your home.

Our priority is to make cattle farming accessible for everyone in Malaysia, Singapore and entire South East Asian region. Our platform allows you to own cattle and earn cash.

You will place an order to buy a young calf for one-time payment. The calf is raise by the farm operator on our cattle farm in Malaysia within 250 km to Singapore. We will nurture and we will take care of your calf at our own expenses including rising, feeding, sheltering in the cowshed, medical care, 24/7 security and the cattle slaughtering service is also provided and we can deliver to your doorstep the organic, grass fed goodness and hormone-free meat of “Happy Cattle, Healthy Meat”. Alternatively, we can sell the cattle on your behalf in the market after the period of 12 month with cash rewards.

Our farm is in Malaysia which sets the high standards for the cattle farming. We create a sustainable cattle farming by growing your own personal cattle and by selling the final product at the local and international market for you at premium of every cattle is a happy meat and it’s a business model where you can see your money grow with us.

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