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Our farm is a boutique agro-tech center that cares for a Happy Cattle to produce a Healthy Meat and deliver to every corner of Malaysia, Singapore and rest of South East Asia.

MyLembu is a unique model, which makes a cattle farming and cattle ownership available for everyone in Malaysia, Singapore and entire South East Asian region. Our platform allows you to own cattle and earn profit. Our farm is in Malaysia which sets the high standards for the cattle farming. We create a sustainable cattle farming by growing your own cattle and by selling the final product at the local and international markets on your behalf at premium. In our business model your money grows with every cattle grown with us.


Our High Standard Farm

Our Standards

Our system is 100% online and you can register as easy as few clicks.

Suits your preferred numbers of cattle to own

All our cattle provided are of high quality and farmed organically in Malaysia with napier grass feeding, it is 100% halal product, organic, grass fed and hormone-free meat.

Our farm is always available for our cattle’s owners to visit with advance booking arrangement.