Qurban Package

Plan your qurban through the MyLembu qurban


Qurban Full Package
RM 4,888
  • One Whole Cow

Qurban Installment

Qurban Installment Package
RM 408 Monthly for 12 month
  • RM 408 x 12 month easy installment for one whole cow

Qurban Tour

Qurban with Tour
RM 7,888
  • Hotel bookings
  • Transfers and transportations
  • Tours & Activities
  • Groups management
  • One whole cow is included
  • Closing date One (1) month prior to Aidiladha of current year
  • Cattle for qurban can be shared with 7 participants with similar intentions and niat
  • MyLembu in Malaysia costs RM698 for one part of a cow or RM4,888 for a whole cow
  • The qurban meat can be distributed within Peninsular Malaysia only (delivering cost is charged separately)
  • Qurban Full Package and Qurban Installment Package are for local and Qurban Tour for abroad.